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lunash hsm Commands

hsm login Command


hsm login  - Login HSM Admin


lunash:> hsm login [-password <hsmadminpassword>]


Logs in the HSM Admin.
For Luna SA with Password Authentication, the default HSMadminPassword is 'PASSWORD'.
For Luna SA with PED (Trusted Path) Authentication, a default login is performed by the PED when you first begin to initialize a new or factory-reset HSM. After initialization, the appropriate blue PED Key is needed for HSM Admin login.


(Option)   Parameter   Description  
-password -p  <password> HSM Admin Password (for password-authenticated HSM, only; ignored for PED-authenticated HSM)



[sa5] lunash:>hsm login

Luna PED operation required to login as HSM Administrator - use Security Officer (blue) PED key.

'hsm login' successful.

Command Result : 0 (Success)

[sa5] lunash:>