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Configuration - Set up Luna SA and Clients


When you receive your Luna SA, it is fully functional and very configurable, but is not yet set up to work in your network and with your Clients. That is, coming from the factory, the Luna SA:


If you are looking at this page, you have probably unpacked your Luna SA, connected the cables, and installed the Luna SA Client and SDK Software.

If yours is a Luna SA with PED (Trusted Path) Authentication, then it makes use of the Luna PED. The crystoki.ini (Windows) or Chrystoki.conf (UNIX) file contains settings for PED timeout values. Generally, do not change those, unless instructed to do so by SafeNet Technical Support.


To have your new Luna SA working in your environment, you need to prepare it, as follows:

[Step 1]

[Step 2]

[Step 3]

[Step 4]

[Step 5]

[Step 6]

[Step 7]

[Step 8]